Sybille Feint


Qualified Open Floor teacher


Skilled Community Building Facilitator


Youth Worker and Qualified Mentor


Sybille is a dedicated edge worker, dancer and movement lover. She is one of a handful of accredited Open Floor dance teachers in Australasia, with 15 years experience in teaching movement and five years of running successful retreats and workshops across New Zealand.

She has lived for the last 15 years in Intentional Community and she has many skills that she brings to her teaching, including meditation, mentoring youth, communication and team-building.

Sybille is passionate about the power of group work and she weaves these skills into Open Floor workshops and retreats to create transformational medicine that helps people grow physically and emotionally within a community.


movement is my refuge




Sybille's enthusiasm for movement is infectious. She has the ability to take people on an adventure with their bodies, exploring territories of self understanding, expression and transformation. She has been offering conscious movement sessions for girls, young women and their mothers, for many years, as part of our Tides rite of passage program.

Gabby Hollis
Tides Managing Director

Sybille offers

  • Workshops, Classes and retreats especially for women, as well as mixed retreats.

  • Workshops, Classes and retreats specifically crafted for young people, in order to build confidence, connection and self-esteem. 

Sybille’s offering from 2017/2018

In October 2017 Sybille offered Workshops and classes in Germany and Australia. Bringing her work home is a passion of hers and she is in the moment planning an international tour for 2019. 

in January 2018  Sybille taught several Open Floor workshops at convergence a family festival in Christchurch, these workshops were well attended by up to 80 people per workshop. 

In Feb. 2018 Sybille was asked to teach at a women's retreat in Coromandel for 5 days, this was a full success and Sybille will return in Feb. 2019. 

In March 2018 Sybille has held a successful retreat at Tui called ‘embodied intimacy’ where she offered daily Open Floor sessions as well as sharing circles. 

in April 2018 Sybille offer conscious movement in the rites of passage program in Tides, Sybille has been offering movement sessions for mothers and daughters in Tides for more than 15 years and her work is an important part of the program and creates a deeper sense of connection. 

In July 2018 Sybille collocated with an open floor colleague and crafted and taught a 3-day workshop ‘tending to your inner fire’ in Christchurch. The event was a full success and has added to Sybille's followers. 

In August Sybille offered a day workshop for young adults in Dunedin, which was a great and new experience and started a creation for a young adult event for March 2019 in the Events park. 

In August Sybille also offered a day workshop in Dunedin. 

In August and September 2018 Sybille is offering weekly classes in Golden Bay. 

at the 22 of September Sybille is offering a day workshop in Nelson at the wellness studio. 

In October 2018 Sybille is again travelling to Australia to offer several workshops and classes.


Sybille lives with her husband Nick and two boys, Theo (14) and Marty (11) in their house at Tui Community.

Tui Community was established on 50 hectares at Wainui Bay in 1984. The aim was to create an intentional community.

"There are no gurus, no religious goals, our spiritual base is looking out for nature and looking out for the spirit in each of us," Katie Thurston told the Nelson Evening Mail.

Today between 30 and 40 adults and children live at the Tui community.

The community is thriving with a mix of founding members, members, children and volunteers. Visitors are always welcomed!