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Embodied Freedom workshops are tailored to your customer base and their needs and can include movement sessions from two hours to all day. Sessions can be part of a wellness course, health, couple or yoga retreat.


You CAN host an Embodied Freedom WORKSHOP

Are you an event manager who is curious about Embodied Freedom and Open Floor?

Are you a manager of a retreat centre and you are looking for fresh inspiring offerings for your community?

Perhaps you're a restorative yoga teacher and would like to invite Sybille into your community to collaborate?

Do you love Open Floor and want to produce an Embodied Freedom workshop in your community?


New Vibrant Energy

Embrace a new modality from the conscious movement community, and a fresh perspective on personal development and growth.


GROW Together

Sybille works collaboratively, utilising skills of fellow teachers and team members to weave transformational medicine that helps people grow physically and emotionally within a community.


Widen Your Network

Invite participants within the widespread conscious community to experience your facilities. Increase customers by utilising word-of-mouth as well as increase return rates to your retreat centre.


Be Inclusive

Sybille runs programmes celebrating diversity and focusing on inclusiveness. This includes working with youth, the elderly, and those with physical impairments. She has 15 years of experience with facilitating retreats and nature experiences for teenagers.


DEEPER Community

Sybille offers a fresh perspective on embodied personal development work as it includes a focus on community and team building skills that come from her in-depth experience of, and passion for, intentional community.


Good Times

As well as designing programmes to increase self-awareness and connection with others, Sybille’s Workshop’s are also about dancing around and having fun to awesome music with a bunch of others who are focused on having a blast.

Please bring your questions and ideas and we can work out the details together.

Embodied Freedom Partners


I just want to convey what an honour and privilege it was to participate in Embodied Intimacy, Sybille’s first multi-day offering as a new Open Floor teacher. I can honestly say it was one of the most moving and beautifully facilitated workshops I have attended and a significant milestone for NZ conscious dance, as the newly trained Open Floor Teachers begin to bring the dance into their communities.

I remember what it was like for me, in the same position, just over a year ago offering my first 5Rhythms Workshop - such an important sense of initiation into a new level of the dance.

It was a joy to witness your work, as well as your dance journey over the years - the journey we have shared together, and that led us both to the teaching path. I just wish that more Open Floor Teachers had been able to share in the experience . Fortunately there will be other opportunities next year and in years to come, with many opportunities for us to nurture and enrich each other as we grow in this work.

Much love to you,
Alex x
5Rhythms Teacher


Sybille's enthusiasm for movement is infectious. She has the ability to take people on an adventure with their bodies, exploring territories of self understanding, expression and transformation.

She has been offering conscious movement sessions for girls, young women and their mothers, for many years, as part of our Tides rite of passage program. Sybille's sessions provide the opportunity to engage with self-awareness, confidence, growth and assimilation.

As an open floor teacher her sessions have become increasingly engaging and are a vital and unique part of our program. Sybille's knowledge, understanding and application of Open Floor work captivates the young people that she is passionate about supporting.

Gabby Hollis
Tides Managing Director


Embodied Intimacy Team


Emma is a facilitator of opportunities for people to slow down and listen deeply to their bodies and intuition.  

This includes learning how to open to communication with plants, as well as teaching a style of yoga practice that emphasises healing, restoration and the revelation of our deeper nature. 

Emma owned and ran The Yoga Studio in Dunedin, where she taught yoga and meditation as well as worked collaboratively with other teachers.  She has been teaching yoga for 15 years, since 2003.

She is currently living in an intentional community, bringing up two rambunctious boys, and completing a degree in Psychology through Massey University.

Emma Fernbloom
Instructor - Yoga - Meditation
Tui Community 

Jay has fifteen years experience using dance and movement as a personal transformational conscious practice. 5 Rhythms, Ecstatic dance and OpenFloor have extended his love of music, movement and life. Jay is a multidisciplinary artist, filmmaker, designer audio engineer but most importantly a father of two and positive community member. Jay enjoys creating things, smiling and hearing true deep stories of people's lives. Council Circle or Heart sharing circles and ritual are also two of Jay’s passions.

Jay Horton
Digital Creative  - Designer - Filmmaker - Photographer