Real Stories

Learn about an Embodied Freedom event from those who have come before. What did they experience? What did they learn? How do they feel?



Kate’s Story

Open floor with Sybille, is way more than dancing. It is about connection. Connection with my body (just as it is), connection with myself (just as I am) and connecting with others (just as they are!).

It provides a place for me to “be” and feel fully me. Far from being a “dancer” my body amazes me with what it does when I let go of my ideas and thoughts about myself.

Sybille facilitates with professionalism, intuition and with safety. Open floor has opened doors for me that nothing else has.

Kate Brandram-Adams
Mental health nurse and mindfulness teacher

Gareth’s story

Full disclosure - I used to hate dancing. In public. Round the living room - fine, love it. With other people - yeah/nah as kiwi's like to say.

I wanted this to change, to be able to enjoy myself on the dance floor and dancing with other people. So I took a chance and signed up to the Dance and Shine workshop.

It was everything I'd hoped for and more. Sybille created such a safe space that could hold whatever I was going through. The guided activities were a great way of working through things that were holding me back and allowing a much freer feeling when moving to music.

The bonus I wasn't expecting was how powerful this was for other parts of my life. Using dance as a tool to express emotions and explore challenges was a completely new way for me and I continue to find this very useful.

I now feel very open to dancing both for fun and also for personal growth.

If you love to move and want to see how far you can go, I'd really encourage you to get along to this and feel the freedom.

Gareth Edwards




I didn’t dance much before until this Dance and Shine retreat. I have fallen in love with this and the way Sybille talked and danced us through each day and the sharing night was magnificent. Lots of ‘aha’ moments every day. Try it. Put the time aside, put yourself and what you want, what is important for you or ‘not happening’ for you first.

Gill Redden
Cranio Migraine Specialists,
Concussion Practitioners

BELLA’s Story

Sybille totally rocked it, in such a beautiful way. Thank you so much, this is such powerful, transformative stuff and makes a difference that is immeasurable.

Annabelle Edmond
Golden Bay, New Zealand