Embodied Intimacy 2019

Embodied Intimacy – An Open Floor Dance Retreat, March 6 – 10, Golden Bay

Trish Sullivan, Nelson 

You’d think that dancing for five days in a row would be exhausting. It was! But it was also truly wonderful.

The setting of Tui Tree Field, the events off-shoot of the Golden Bay Tui Community of Wainui Bay, couldn’t have been more magical for this retreat. Imagine a quiet, woodland clearing where 40 people can truly express themselves through the magic of dance. Director of Embodied Freedom, Sybille Feint created a special, non-judgemental dance floor setting to take people on a journey of a lifetime.

Open Floor Dance is a guided movement meditation using the physical practice of dance to explore the body and mind, allowing full expression of both. Sybille’s local team, Jay Horton, Emma Furness, Ana Norambuena,  made up of professional facilitators and experienced supporters (in a spiritual, mental and practical sense) held this safe space with an impeccable non-invasive style, meaning every participant could really open, expand and step fully into themselves.

Each of the days’ themes: Mind, Body, Soul, Emotion, was explored throughout the day, beginning with the morning dance sessions, and ending with the evening sharing circles. Some sessions included partner work, sharing thoughts and stories, others required more centred personal exploration.

An introduction to Possibility Management was woven into the Emotions day. This relatively new modality explores the “upgrading” of one’s old thought patterns or beliefs, releasing the blockages or barriers to new pathways of self-development.

Participants at this particular retreat were also blessed with the provision of healthy, nourishing food, options of Restorative Yoga, a hot tub and walks to the beach. Could your body ask for more? 

Find out more at www.embodiedfreedom.co.nz